Here is Where You Can Buy A Duette Catheter

Duette Catheter

The Duette™ catheter

I’ve been writing about the logical replacement for the Foley catheter, which is 76 year old tech, and by its very design causes damage to the interior of the bladder. That logical replacement is called the Duette™ catheter, by Poiesis Medical. See The Duette – A Better Catheter Than The Foley, and Duette Catheter Kit Video Presentation for more on why the Duette is better.

It may be some time before the established medical supply system carries the Duette as standard in hospitals. But if you are a patient living with a long-term indwelling catheter, you may be able to use the Duette right now.

First, I would recommend asking your urologist/GP/nurse about replacing your Foley with the Duette.* It MAY be that if you show up with your own Duette kit, they will agree to use it instead of the Foley for your next catheter change.

But if you are one of the many patients who routinely change their own Foley catheters every month, you can order a Duette direct with the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Then the next time you get ready to change out your catheter, set up your kit and area as you normally would with a Foley. The ONLY difference in procedure is that you inflate two balloons with saline rather than just the one on the Foley. That’s it!

One you have the Duette in, you’ll likely never experience the discomfort of your bladder wall being sucked against and into the drainage holes of your catheter, which for me is one of the major sources of trauma and pain in the bladder. Likewise, you will experience a huge reduction in pokes to your bladder wall, which the tip of a Foley is regularly doing to you, especially if you are at least partially mobile.

All that translates into less pain, reduced risk of UTI, and overall a safer and more comfortable experience.

Prices are:

$16.50 for the single catheter

$25 for the kit

Plus $4.95 shipping per order.

If you would like to order a Duette kit, here is the contact information:

Call toll free – 866-684-2507 (US)
Call direct – (813) 503-3669
E-mail Julio Valdivia at

*Unfortunately at this time, The Duette cannot be sold outside the US:-(. I am in contact with them and will update this information as soon as possible.


  1. Frances Ward says

    l have a supra pubic catheter – had it 20yrs now. l would like to try a Duette twin-ballooned catheter as l experience a lot of pain from spasms because the catheter l use gets adhered to the bladder wall. l live in the UK – and my provider said they have never heard of the Duette.

    ls it possible to get the Duette in the UK?

    Many thanks.

  2. Naomi says


    I am an able body female with a not working bladder, for 12 mths i have being looking for a catheter, that doesnt feel like sandpaper on my bladder, one that doesnt leave ulsers and in pain.

    the Duette sounds amazing and i would love to try it. my home nurse will try anything that will help, they are also wanting to pass on any information that can help other clients.

    I am going to email now so fingers crossed


    • Ken Theriot says

      Valora – I would be very interested to hear how that goes. Good luck. I hope you get relief from the pain!!



  3. Gail says

    The Duette catheter is the best and I have the living proof to say that. I have a neurogenic bladder that works sometimes but not others on top of that I have a major problem with fluid retention. When I would wear the old foleys I would have urine that looked like blood and always had pain in my bladder. After i went to a specialist in Tampa he switched me to the duette now I have no more pain and no more blood. My only problem is why can’t we find it in more hospitals and medical supply stores. I hope that one day soon more urologist and doctors start to see the difference it makes for those of us who have to wear a foley.

    • Ken Theriot says

      Thanks Gail! That’s fantastic. I envy you:). I sooo wanted to have one when I was going through my ordeal. I have a friend whose father is going to get one for the next change. And I’ll hopefully get more feedback from them when he does.

      Thanks for the information! I’m so glad it’s working well for you.



  4. Trevor Kay says

    Hi Ken
    I am enquiring on behalf of my father who has been in excruciating pain with both urethral and now supra public types of catheter for approx. 2 years and has been told regularly, ‘this should not be the case’ and given many types of pain killers including morphine, to no real effect, other than making him age somewhat and lead a much less active lifestyle etc.

    I would be very interested to learn, if it would be possible to persuade his medical care team to use the Duette catheter, what would it cost to receive a years supply in the UK on the basis of say one catheter per month being used?

    Your advice would be very welcome, in order to start discussions with the appropriate doctors etc.

    Many thanks in advance.

    • Ken Theriot says

      Hi Trevor. I’m sorry to hear about your father. I just got in touch with the sales team for the Duette, and unfortunately they are not authorized to sell outside the US at this time, which sucks. I have asked about their plans to be able to do so. I also asked if there was anything at all that could be done for your father in the face of this. I’ll let you know what they say. I suspect it’s a matter of government approval of medical devices, such as our FDA, etc. But as I said, I will update the page above when this changes.

      Sorry about that. Best of luck to both you and your father in the mean time.


    • Ken Theriot says

      Hi Jerry.

      Check the contact info in the article above. They can tell you if a sample is available. But they are only available at all inside the US.

      Good luck!


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